Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Push it up with SALESGURU!

Issued by: SALESGURU
More than 1 500 sales professionals attended our recent roadshows in Cape Town and Johannesburg between 1-3 June. We enjoyed meeting all of you who came to see our speakers and interact with SALESGURU people over those three days and we're excited to have shared this great experience with you once again.
If you were one of the attendees, congratulations for taking the time and making the investment in a session that will give you some new perspectives on sales. We can all benefit from having our skills refreshed. 

Rob "Waldo" Waldman's motivational talk emphasised that Winners never fly solo! In today's highly competitive business world, sales people that foster trust and work in high performance teams will dodge the missiles of adversity and increase their sales results. 

Here are a few Wingtips that can turn you into an ACE and help you avoid getting shot down on your next mission: 

A: Attitude + Action. Attitude does not determine altitude. Attitude plus Action does. Being positive and enthusiastic is a critical component of success, but your customer ultimately rewards your actions, not your positive attitude! An attitude that breeds confidence is a by-product of disciplined preparation and mission rehearsal. When dealing with a price objection, last minute competitor, or late product shipment, it's the commitment, focus and sense of urgency you have to fix the problem, provide value, and deliver results that counts.

C: Customer: Success in business is not about you, your company, or your product. It's about your customer. Prior to each meeting, gather the latest, up to date intelligence (from multiple sources) and commit yourself to meeting the needs of your customer. Be original. Come prepared with questions. Learn about the person you're meeting. If you're not focused 100% on your customer - your target - you shouldn't strap on your jet to fly. (By the way, it can't hurt to learn about your competition too ...but only after learning about your customer.

E Environment: Every mission is unique. What works with one client or industry, may not work with another. The environment in which you and your customer operate will ultimately determine your tactics. Was there a recent merger or perhaps some lay-offs at the company you're meeting? How's their stock price? What's the nature of the industry you're operating in? Who are you meeting? Who is the decision maker? What resources (wingmen) do you have that can help you prepare for your meeting? Never sell by the seat of your pants! 

Take it from somebody who's been shot at in real combat, the winning ACE's in business and lifeprepare for the worst, but then expect the best. They acknowledge adversity and develop the confidence to overcome it by hard work and focus. But being an ACE is not easy. You can either "push it up" on your throttle and defeat the missile, or pull it back and risk getting shot down. It's your choice. 

I hope you'll push it up! 

If you missed out on this round of events, the next one is coming up in September so keep an eye out for the dates and venues in the next issue of SALESGURU. We will also be announcing it on our website -www.salesguru.co.za. 

For more information on Rob visit www.yourwingman.com.